Make Money on Your Four Horsemen

By on October 19, 2011

Today, Hubert talks about his “4 Horsemen,” or the 4 stocks that he is currently trading, and how to gauge where each are trending.

Do your 4 horsemen have to be stocks? No, but determine what your 4 horsemen are, what markets you like to trade, and what are the hot topics that relate to each of them.


Because current news about markets or positions you trade will help to drive activity on each of them.  Then your job is to determine the direction of that activity.

Is it bullish…or bearish?

Hubert shows you how to know which direction to play your very own 4 horsemen, and how to make money off of each.

About Hubert Senters

Hubert Senters was born in Paintsville, KY with an entrepreneurial personality that encouraged him to try out new businesses and careers paths. Hubert left college and headed off to launch a successful … Read Full Bio »

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