Cool Cash In Chaos – Senters’ Strategies

By on November 23, 2011

Today, Hubert tells you how and why you should short oil.  He gives you some common sense information you can use to profit nicely on the geo-political roller coaster that affects the price of oil.  You will also learn how to “read” what the media says and how to make your money making trade.

But that’s not all.

For those traders who do not like to short, Hubert gives you a terrific opportunity for a long position to take today, even though retail and institutional traders are going to cash.

There is a lot to learn and a lot of money to be made in today’s Senters’ Strategies.


About Hubert Senters

Hubert Senters was born in Paintsville, KY with an entrepreneurial personality that encouraged him to try out new businesses and careers paths. Hubert left college and headed off to launch a successful … Read Full Bio »

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